Knowing Celtic Women’s signing Josephine Giard

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Celtic Women FC continue to improve their squad in the dawning times of the SWPL season.

Goal-scoring has been a bit of an issue for the ladies recently. A 1-1 draw to Stirling University in the league was an easy chance to secure points in the standings, and goals in the game.

The forwards couldn’t finish in that contest. A soup of chances came from defenders such as Keeva Keenan, but the forwards needed to provide some more attacking creativity.

The Celts might have found themselves that lethal goal-scorer in front of the net with new signing Josephine Giard. Giard comes at the age of 21, while recently gaining some experience in the second-tier of the women’s Bundesliga with FSV Guetersloh.

The forward was an absolute critical part of the Guetersloh lineup with the U-17’s and the first team from 2012-to-2018. This past season, the youngster scored 14 goals against almost every team.

Celtic manager David Haley noticed the threat of Giard in front of goal, and noted this in his recent interview with the Hoops’ website.

“Josephine’s a goalscorer, while her movement and link-up play is good,” he said. “She’s powerful and strong, and she does have an eye for goal, which is what we need and is what we’ve maybe been missing over the past couple of seasons.

“She’s one of those six-yard box strikers, so hopefully she’ll be able to get on the end of things.

The 21-year-old seemed pretty excited to join the Ghirls as well. More impressively, she will continue her studies molecular biotechnology within Scotland.

Giard is an impressive player both on-and-off the pitch. It’s another solid signing for Celtic as they continue to work through the early stages of the season.

Opinion: First, it’s probably most important that she gets minutes this Sunday against St. Johnstone. The Saints concede the most goals in the second tier of the SWPL, so a feature here for Giard could really prove her net-front presence.

Plus, with Haley already getting her started in training sessions could mean that Giard features in the starting XI in the cup tie anyway.

The recent signing only proves that Celtic are in to go for silverware this season. They obviously need more goals, and they went out and brought in a player that is more than capable of doing just that.

Right now, Haley’s side only trail Glasgow City by two points on the table. Goals mean wins, and wins early on can only make things more comfortable for the Ghirls towards the end of the season.

Good on Celtic and Giard for completing the signing. Hopefully the striker can score just as much in Scotland as she did in Germany.

The Celts host St. Johnstone at the K Park Training Academy this Sunday, Feb. 25 at 09:00.

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