Celtic handed major boost regarding Eddie Howe move

The Eddie Howe to Celtic saga has taken quite a few turns over the past few days. It was not too long that it had looked like the deal was very close to getting done and he was destined to be appointed the next manager of the club.

The updates regarding the situation over the past couple of days have thrown that into doubt though and now there is a fear among a lot of the fans that a move might not materialise after all.

Many rumours had suggested that a deal was close to being agreed and could even be announced over the next week or so. But Sami Mokbel tweeted out comments from Howe’s representative which suggested that talks of any deal being done were premature and the manager planned to remain out of management at least till the summer.

On the other hand, Paul Cooney of The Go Radio Football Show had a positive update regarding the matter though and as reported by The Celtic Star he said:

“The word is though, sources close to him that it looks as though he’s coming. It’s about when. He knew Crystal Palace would come up, probably.

“Newcastle may come up, others may come and if it’s absolutely massive one then maybe he won’t but the word is the deal is done, and he’s going to come”

Is Howe to Celtic still on the table?

It is safe to say that there have been conflicting reports in the media regarding the move over the past couple of days. Some rumours have even suggested that the Hoops have identified Lucian Favre as a possible target in case Howe does not end up at Parkhead.

It is too early to come to any conclusions regarding the matter though. At the end of the day, it is not surprising that the manager would not want to start a new job near the end of the season and probably wants to make a fresh start in the summer.

All we can do now is wait and see what happens regarding the Howe situation but the club must be prepared for the worst case scenario in case things don’t work out.