Potential issue emerges in Celtic’s move for Eddie Howe

It is undeniable that Celtic have struggled badly this season. With 10IAR on the line, they failed to find any form of consistency and ultimately ended up losing the title race to the Rangers with six games to spare.

As a result, a number of changes are expected to take place at Parkhead over the course of the summer as they aim to return to the top of Scottish football once again. And one of the most important of these changes will be bringing in a new manager.

Neil Lennon stepped down from his role in late February and since then, John Kennedy has been serving as the interim manager of the club. But the club are expected to appoint a new manager over the course of the next few months.

Eddie Howe has emerged as the heavy favourite to be handed the job over the past week or so, and is even expected to be announced in the near future. But it looks like there could be a potential issue in the move, as he wants to bring Bournemouth technical director Richard Hughes to Parkhead as well.

Celtic might be reluctant to appoint Hughes as the Director of Football

As reported by The Athletic (via The Celtic Star), the Hoops might be reluctant to appoint someone as the Director of Football who is so close to Howe. This appears to be because they want someone to remain in the role for a long time and not leave in case Howe does over the next few years.

Of course, this is a genuine fear on the part of the club. We have seen Brendan Rodgers leave for the Premier League in the recent past after less than three years in charge of the club. And if Howe was to do the same, there would be the possibility that someone like Hughes could leave with him, which will leave the club in need of another rebuild.

It is not clear though how much of an impact this could have on the potential move to bring Howe to Parkhead.