Brendan Rodgers makes massive claim about Celtic exit

There is no denying the fact that Celtic enjoyed tremendous success while Brendan Rodgers was the manager of the club and they played some brilliant football under him. It was he who shaped the side that would ultimately go on to win the Quadruple Treble.

But his departure in the middle of the season to take over at Leicester City did leave a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of the club’s fans.

And while the timing of his exit was questionable, Rodgers certainly feels that it ended up working out well for both parties involved.

While speaking on The Robbie Fowler Podcast and as reported by Glasgow Times, the manager said:

“It actually worked out quite well if you look at it for both. Celtic did stay on course to win the treble and they won it by nine or 10 points when I left, and I was able to go into Leicester and pick up a good feel for the players and establish a culture here which would provide us a good base for the next season.”

Celtic continued to win despite Rodgers’ departure

Neil Lennon would take over as the manager of the club as Rodgers left for Leicester City and he would continue to guide the team to one trophy after the other. In fact, the club managed to win the next five trophies under him and complete the Quadruple Treble.

The regret will always be about the failed conquest for 10IAR though. Would the same have happened if Rodgers had stayed on as manager? Would Rodgers have stayed at Parkhead till now if Leicester City had not come calling? That is up for debate.

On the short term, yes, his departure did not have an effect on the team, in terms of results at least. But over a longer period of time, it has certainly left them weaker. As a result, we now find the Rangers as the reigning champions of Scotland while Celtic face a massive summer rebuild project.

That is all in the past now though. The focus should now be on the future and returning to the top of Scottish football once again by winning back the Premiership title as soon as possible. And in the future, Rodgers will most probably be remembered for his achievements than the manner of his exit.