Major twist in Celtic star’s reported transfer exit plans

The Celtic player’s agent has made a major revelation about his Parkhead future as reports continue to link him away from the club in January.

The rumour mill is always going surround massive clubs like Celtic and its players. And while it is advisable to take most of them with a pinch of salt, when reports broke out earlier that Hatem Abd Elhamed was desperate to leave with the club, it was something that appeared to be fact.

At the end of the day, it was understandable why the Israeli international wanted to leave. He has a young family back in his homeland and the travel restrictions due to the pandemic had surely made things even tougher for them. As a result, most fans actually wanted the club to let him leave without a hassle.

It looks like the Elhamed might not be as desperate to leave as was originally thought. His agent, Dudu Dahan, has come out and claimed that the player is ready to fight for his place at Parkhead according to his post on Facebook and as cited by Celts Are Here:

“Recently a lot of debunked and wrong news has been published about the Israel and Celtic player Hatem Elhamed.

“The only right thing is that Hatem is proud to belong to a club the size of Celtic.

“After everything he’s been through in his career Hatem is not one to give up so fast. He is more determined than ever to do everything to fight for his place in the wonderful team and club squad.”

Now have things changed over the past month or so or where they just rumours from the very beginning?

It is hard to believe that there was nothing to them though considering that the player admitted to The Scottish Sun about his difficulties living alone in Scotland. But it looks like things have settled down a bit since then though and now he is happy enough to move forward with Celtic instead of looking for a way back to Israel.

This is good news for the Hoops. While Elhamed is not a first-team regular at this point of time, he definitely is a versatile player with an important role in the squad. He can play both at centre-back and right-back, making him invaluable to Neil Lennon. And if he had indeed left, the club would have had a hard time finding someone as adept at playing both roles.