Sources claim Brendan Rodgers wants to sign Celtic star

Recent reports have claimed that Brendan Rodgers could be interested in trying to sign the Celtic star for Leicester City.

The Leicester manager, like many others, will be looking to bolster his squad in the January transfer window. When looking across a range of Premier League clubs, Eurosport speculated that Rodgers may want to sign one of the players he managed during his time at Celtic.

The more mischievous fans might wonder if he’d wait to see how long Mikel Arteta lasts at a poorly performing Arsenal first. Maybe that’ll be another club Rodgers has loved and wants to spend time with!

The speculation surrounding him right now though is that he might be keen on bringing in Ryan Christie. There has been speculation in Scotland that the midfielder is looking to leave at some point. With 18 months left on his contract, if he isn’t going to sign another one then Celtic will likely want to maximise their revenue with a sale before his transfer value dips.

Christie’s father has made no secret that his son has higher ambitions and wants to play in the English Premier League or elsewhere.

Christie has been in mixed form this season. Some highs have been there like the goal in the Cup semi-final or when he netted for Scotland in their Euro qualifier. But there has also been hefty criticism of his play as Celtic stuttered over a poor run of games.

Hoops fans haven’t always been enamoured by his play and certainly have bemoaned a lack of precision on his set-pieces. Turnbull in his couple of starts recently has highlighted this flaw with possibly more good corners in two games than Christie has had through the course of the season.

Which brings us back to the point of whether Rodgers signing Christie would be welcomed by the fans. The view will likely range somewhere in between having nothing to do at all with the Leicester manager and wanting to personally drive Christie to the Premier League club.

And the more balanced and sensible point is likely to be based around the fee. He shouldn’t be let go cheaply but if a good offer is made, then who the manager is there is pretty irrelevant.

Will it happen? It may not be Rodgers or Leicester, it may not be January, but Christie will likely move on in the near future. Judging by how Turnbull has performed recently, that might not be a bad thing though.