Why have the Celtic board decided to stick with Neil Lennon?

The Celtic board seem to be taking a huge gamble by deciding to stick with Neil Lennon. Is it sentiment or the lack of an alternative plan?

So much has already been written about the disastrous start to the season. And a lot of the focus has rightly been on Neil Lennon’s continuing tenure as Celtic manager. The board may be split on what decision to take but they have continued to back him. As the latest club statement indicates.

They may even have had alternative plans for the managerial position at the end of the season. But right now, after a desperate 1-1 draw at home against St Johnstone, it’s looking like the board are taking a last throw of the dice. No games are easy right now in this current run of form. Sunday highlighted that for sure.

Have the board still got their eyes on the Scottish Cup Final on 20th December at Hampden Park against Hearts? It looks as if they want to see things stay as they are through to that match and then till the end of the year before making any decision.

It certainly looks like that may form part of their plan, in the absence of anything else anyway. Do they really think a turn around in form and a win over Hearts will change or fix anything in a significant way? Are they being sentimental in their approach, wanting Lennon to leave on a better note?

To be fair, if the Hoops win that final and secure a fourth successive treble, that’s enormous. Well normally it would be a stunning achievement, but the current scenario means that the celebrations are going to be muted, a dull firework on a cloudy night. And it’ll be much worse if they lose, which is not out of question considering their form.

Maybe the board still need more time to find a viable alternative, especially if, Martin O’Neill or Gordon Strachan have declined interest in a caretaker position for the remainder of the season. If there was a plan to put John Kennedy into position, it’s fallen apart now. Maybe there aren’t any serious contenders for a short-term end of season fix nor a longer-term position, not at this point in the season anyway.

Sticking with Lennon to see the Hoops through to a fourth treble is one heck of a gamble though. And not necessarily one with a high reward. Winning the cup and another treble will soon fade if this season continues to play out as it has so far. If it works, it’s short lived pleasure. If it fails, well, let’s not think how bad that would be.