BBC reporter responds to Neil Lennon’s outburst after Celtic draw

The BBC reporter has responded after Neil Lennon wasn’t too happy with his line of questioning following Celtic’s 1-1 draw against St Johnstone.

For weeks fans have waited for Celtic to turn things around. And yet, there has not been much improvement in their performances. In fact, many would argue that they are only getting worse with every passing game.

Naturally, Neil Lennon has been left frustrated with his team’s incapability to bring their season back on track. Over the last 12 games, they have managed only 2 wins while losing 6 of those encounters. Not good enough for most clubs in the world, let alone Celtic.

As a result, questions are being raised about Lennon’s future at the club. One would think that he would not be given many more chances to get things right.

As we had reported earlier, the manager was not too happy when a reporter asked him whether he was afraid that his time at the club was coming to an end. He told BBC Scotland as cited by 67 Hail Hail:

“I don’t fear anything. You’re asking all these negative questions Kheredine, you’re asking questions about my job.

“The club have already come out this week and said they back me, what more do you want them to do?

“I agree, the results aren’t good enough, it will improve, I have no question of that, whether it’s on me or not, we’ll wait and see. But I cannot answer the questions that you’re asking.”

The reporter in question, Kheredine, has now responded to the incident, tweeting out:

Funny thing is , I actually applaud the @CelticFC
board’s loyalty to a man who bailed them when BR suddenly left. Secured the ‘treble treble’ and may make that a quadruple. But no one’s patience is eternal : as NL himself admits , results will dictate. And it’s now 2 wins in 12

After the draw against St Johnstone, many would have thought the board had no other option left but to show Lennon the exit door. Sitting 13 points behind the Rangers in the Premiership table, they have to take a decision before it is too late, if it isn’t already. Yet, no such decision has been taken yet.

At this point of time though, it looks like the board are only pushing back the inevitable. There is no way that the manager can survive much longer if the performances and results don’t improve drastically over the next few games. Unfortunately, there has been no such indication that they will.

Let’s just hope that when the board do decide to bring in a new manager, it is someone who is capable of saving the sinking ship. There is no denying that the Rangers are comfortably in the driver’s seat right now. But we have seen them collapse before.