MacGiollaBhain names three managers in running to be next Celtic boss

It looks like Neil Lennon is on borrowed time at Parkhead as Celtic have already started the search for their next manager.

For a few months now, it has been clear that there is some change needed at Celtic. The club have won just two of their last eight games but the warning signs were present from much earlier.

To be very honest, it has never looked like the side were playing to the best of their abilities. The performances just have not been impressive, even earlier in the season when they were winning. Over the last few weeks, they have faced better opposition and have been punished for their mistakes but these defeats have been coming for a while.

Of course, the first man towards whom fingers will be pointed is Neil Lennon. There have always been questions regarding the manager’s credentials for the Celtic job despite him winning trophies on a consistent basis. And with their recent downturn in form, it looks like only a matter of time before he is sacked unless results improve drastically.

Phil MacGiollaBhain has named three managers who are in the running to replace Lennon. He wrote on his website:

The week after the derby defeat on October 17th, a very well-placed source told me that a senior functionary within the Dermot Desmond empire had reached out.

However, my guy said that I had to keep it to myself at the time, and I abided by that. Today he permitted me to publish what he told me weeks ago.

After the derby match Neil Lennon was told that he was on a yellow card. Talks were held with these two Irishmen (Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane pictured).

I understand that representative of Eddie Howe were also contacted about taking the Celtic job. There was also a third potential replacement approached. However, I do not know the identity of that individual.

MacGiollaBhain is known in the Celtic community for putting out news earlier than most sources and he is right most of the time. Thus, there is something to these claims and they are just not wild rumours.

The question now though is – which of these men is right for the job? Roy Keane will surely be a controversial choice and one that the club should try to stay away from considering his lack of success in management.

O’Neill would be a popular choice given the incredible things that he achieved at the club in his first spell. But the truth is, he has not been very successful over the past decade or so.

Howe could be a very good choice but then MacGiollaBhain’s comments about his chances do not offer much hope.

Who is the last man in running for the job?