Dermot Desmond rumours could signal D-Day for Celtic

There has been lots of speculation following Celtic clawing back a last minute draw against Hibernian. Could there be some truth in rumours of a decisive Dermot Desmond visit?

Lots of anxious and angry Celtic fans are calling for action to save the season and the league of course. Inevitably the speculation involves Neil Lennon. Does there need to be a change at the helm before it’s too late? Plenty of fans reckon the time has passed never mind arrived and any change could already be too late. The Rangers’ comfortable win against Aberdeen has just added to the pressure.

The board and executives at Celtic can’t avoid hearing the noise and have to be considering options, even if only to avoid being negligent in their roles. Sure, Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond may not be reading all the tweets and social media comments, but both will be tuned in and hearing the general tone. It’s not in Lennon’s favour, no matter what he has achieved in the past.

The weekend can be a good fire break. Time to stop, look and consider. To reflect and take counsel before facing up to the problems head on. Which means Monday could be very much be a D-Day at Celtic. Decisive in terms of Decisions taken. Decisive in terms of Departures or Deferrals for a few more matches.

There are rumours already making the rounds about Dermot Desmond, Celtic’s largest shareholder now travelling to be in Glasgow on Monday. If true, that would add another dimension and more possibilities. An already planned trip or a necessary emergency mission?

Ultimately, whatever has been happening behind the scenes, players, management and board, the signs are that there is no margin for further errors and the writing is very much on the wall for the current management team. A change seems inevitable and Monday could indeed prove to be D-Day.