BBC Pundit picks Celtic over Premier League giants

The BBC Pundit has picked Celtic over the Premier League giants when it comes to the size of the two clubs and their history.

It is a debate that has often raged on in modern football and will continue to do so as long as money is a big part in the game, which appears to be forever by the look of things. Of course, the richest of them all are the Premier League teams and as a result, some of their fans have the habit of looking down at those without those new found riches. And there is no hiding from the fact that Celtic cannot compete with them financially.

Just take the example of a club like Wolves. They have done well in the past few seasons after coming up from the Championship. But they are not the biggest team in the country. Yet they ended up spending £36 million on a 18-year-old Fabio Silva.

Can Celtic do that? No. And probably won’t be able to within the next decade or so. There record for highest transfer fee ever paid is the £9 million they shelled out on Odsonne Edouard.

On the other hand, Manchester City are one of the richest clubs in the world. But when the topic came up about which between the two was bigger, there was only one answer in the mind of Chris Sutton.

Speaking on BBC Radio and as cited by Celts Are Here, Sutton said:

“Come on, who’s got the star on the jersey? Celtic are much bigger, of course, we’ve had this argument with Celtic and Leicester.

“It’s true, get your head around it, they are a bigger club.

“Man City might have the money, Celtic have the history, Celtic have the European Cup.”

While fans might not have agreed with some of the things that Sutton has said recently, there is no denying that he has hit the nail on the head here. Despite spending over £1 billion in the transfer market since their change of owners, Manchester City have failed to go on and win the Champions League.

Or talk about the fans. The Hoops are one of the best supported clubs in the world. Manchester City on the other hand have for some reason failed to break into the global market like their Premier League rivals Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, who all were on top of their games when the worldwide television boom first hit in the early 2000s.

Will Manchester City be a big club if their owners decided to stop investing in it? Who knows. We all do know that Celtic will be here a 100 years later. Unlike certain other teams.