Celtic set to take part in SPFL’s Game Forfeit Vote

Celtic are set to take part in a Game Forfeit Vote as the motion is set to be put out by the SPFL this week as they face another set of fixtures being postponed.

How quickly things can change in life and football for that matter. Just a few months ago, Rangers fans were calling for Celtic to be docked points and be forced to forfeit their upcoming games after Boli Bolingoli had taken a trip to Spain without letting any of the club officials know and then come back to feature in a Premiership game when he should have been quarantining.

Right now though, they find themselves in a similar situation after it came to light that two Rangers players, Jordan Jones and George Edmundson, had gone to a mass gathering outside their respective households thereby breaking protocols. As a result, they have been suspended by the club.

Strangely though the same calls for points being deducted and games being forfeited are not coming out of the Ibrox camp this time around. Perhaps things are a bit different when their players are involved.

SPFL though seem to be taking some action though as they cannot afford for fixtures to continue to be postponed due to the breaking of the rules. As a result, they are set to put forward a motion that could actually result in clubs forfeiting games if case they are in wrong. The Daily Record insists though that the plans have been rejected by the clubs.

And perhaps rightfully so. An entire club cannot be punished for the actions of one or two certain individuals. While it is the duty of the club to keep an eye on them, naturally they cannot control all their actions through the course of what has been months at this point.

While we do not know the stance of Celtic in this matter, if the motion passes it could be the difference between winning titles and relegation for certain clubs. And nobody would want that. There does need to be certain plans in place for clubs who are repeat offenders of breaking the rules.