Neil Lennon rubbishes rumblings surrounding Celtic

Neil Lennon has decided to shut down the rumblings around Celtic following their back-to-back defeats over the past week.

Celtic have gone through a rough couple of weeks. The international break was a nightmare of its own as a number of players were put out of action due to either contracting the virus or coming in contact with someone who had.

Then, the club put in a lifeless display in the Glasgow Derby, surrendering a 2-0 defeat against the Rangers. That was followed by a better performance yet a 3-1 loss at the end of the day against AC Milan.

It is safe to say that it is not often that Celtic lose back-to-back games these days. And as a result, Neil Lennon might just be a few more negative results away from being shown the exit door. But while many fans might describe this as a ‘crisis’, the manager clearly does not hold the same opinion.

As reported by Sky Sports, Lennon said:

“It’s not a crisis, people want to make it out to be that but it’s not.

“There’s players and staff here who don’t have to prove anything but I think everyday you get up and you want to prove something to yourself, for the group, for the people that matter the most.

“There’s certainly no worrying here and no concerns. We analyse, we analyse it coldly and we look at where we can do better and the players have been magnificent for me since I’ve come back and they’ll continue to be that way.

“We have lost a few players through no fault of our own, you know, important players. When we get them back, coupled with the quality we already have, and we are looking forward to a really good season.”

Yes, two losses cannot be defined as a ‘crisis’. What is more worrying though are the performances that the side have put in this season. It has never looked like the players have quite gelled together.

There have been high scoring wins here and there but something has always looked off. Perhaps it is the several new faces who arrived in the summer transfer window and are yet to find their footing in Scottish football. Or may be it is that Lennon is yet to find the right combination that will work together.

Whatever may be the case, let’s hope that he does find the solution as quickly as possible. With 10IAR on the line and the Rangers looking more solid than they have had in years, Celtic cannot afford too many more slip ups this season. The result could be catastrophic otherwise.