Celtic and Rangers in a battle off the pitch

There’s no doubt that Celtic and Rangers have had a passionate rivalry on the pitch of both Celtic Park and the Ibrox.

It’s looking as if that rivalry has transferred over to none other than the transfer market itself, as both of the Scottish Premiership giants are looking to sign a young talent.

That young talent would be 19-year-old Riley McGree. Both of the clubs are looking for a bit more youth and talent in the midfield, and McGree just so happens to check both of those boxes.

McGree has the exact fight you would expect from a midfielder. His pace, dribbling and strength on the ball make the Australian a very coveted potential signing.

Stats have been hard to collect on McGree as no source seems to have a collection of how many goals or assists the young midfielder has at the moment.

The confusion could play in part for the fact that McGree is currently on loan at the A-League side Newcastle Jets FC. His rights are owned by Belgian giants Club Brugge, but his recent loan acquisition means that both the Celts and Rangers are going to have to hold off until the summer.

Interestingly enough, sources from HITC suggest he may not be the type to start for both the Scottish giants.

McGree has never made a competitive appearance outside of his homeland – for whom he has played at under-23 level – and is perhaps not of the standard required to make an impact at either Celtic or Rangers.

Yet, at the age of 19, nobody knows what kind of potential McGree holds. Outside of YouTube highlights, there’s not much of a collection of what the young midfielder has to offer.

In all of the appearances he’s made, however, there seems to be an impact that catches the eyes of Celtic and Brendan Rodgers. Regardless, it’s looking like both the Hoops and the Rangers are going to have to keep an eye on McGree for the next few months.

Keep an eye on McGree as the rumors will likely heat up again when the summer window dawns upon us.

Is McGree somebody worth keeping an eye on? Will McGree be worth taking away a potential Rangers’ signing? Let us know in the comments below.