Kris Boyd makes ridiculous Celtic claim once again

Kris Boyd is no stranger to making ridiculous claims about Celtic just to keep Rangers fans happy and thus his latest one should not surprise any Hoops fans.

You would think that when you win the league for nine straight seasons, win eleven consecutive domestic titles and have completely dominated your nearest rivals for years to the point where it is not even close anymore, you would be called a dominated force and one that clubs around the country should fear. Not when you are named Celtic though. At least not in the eyes of Kris Boyd.

The former Rangers man has continued to make ridiculous remarks over the years. And most probably even he does not believe most of things that come out of his mouth and just says them cause that is what his audience wants to hear. But even then there has to be a point where you have to draw the line.

Apparently Boyd does not believe in boundaries though as he recently claimed that the Rangers players should not be scared of Celtic as they are not miles behind them. For those not in the know, this reincarnated version of the Rangers have never won a trophy and just finished this season a convincing 13 points behind them.

That is not enough for Boyd though. As reported by The Scottish Sun, the former Rangers man said:

“But if I was still a Rangers player, Celtic wouldn’t scare me.

“They’ve been the best team in the country for a while now and you can’t take their success away from them. Even if I’d like to.

“But are they miles ahead of Rangers? Not for me they’re not.”

This is nothing unexpected from Boyd though. In fact, after Rangers managed to beat Celtic at Parkhead earlier this season, he was ready to crown them champions on the spot.  And we all know how that title race turned out.

And with no football in the near future, it is hard to see the financially struggling Rangers bring in many reinforcements next season to stop 10-in-a-row. So hopefully Boyd has his speech ready for that occasion.

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