Charlie Nicholas claims he played a huge role in Celtic 9IAR

The ever controversial Charlie Nicholas wants credit after Celtic were crowned champions of Scotland, completely a historical nine-in-a-row.

Guess who wants credit for Celtic’s 9IAR? Charlie Nicholas! Yes, the same Charlie Nicholas who rarely has something good to say about his former club and as a result has become a controversial figure among the Hoops fans. And now, he has found another way to stir the pot by claiming that his comments played a part in the historic feat.

Odsonne Edouard is a man who has repeatedly received criticism from the pundit despite his brilliant performances. Earlier in the season, Nicholas had bizarrely called out the Frenchman for apparently not celebrating his goals enough. And he believes that it was this criticism that led to the striker stepping up his game, thereby helping Celtic to the league title.

As reported by The Scottish Sun, the former Celtic man said:

“I’ve never questioned Edouard’s ability but I wasn’t sure if he had the appetite and he didn’t take kindly to me pulling him up last September about his lack of celebration after scoring.

“After that he started smiling more and became a real team player and a standout performer. He is the star man and that’s what I was hoping would come out.”

Odsonne Edouard has been absolutely brilliant as expected and was indeed a huge reason behind Celtic’s success this season. In 45 appearances this season, the Frenchman has scored 27 goals and assisted a further 19, meaning he has been involved in more than a goal a game! Those are incredible numbers.

Nicholas clearly knows by now that he was wrong about Edouard, especially after seeing his performances this season. And it is laughable that he wants any credit for the striker’s form. If anything, his comments could have had the opposite effect.

It is for comments like those that Nicholas has become a figure that does not receive much praise from the Celtic fans. His move to Arsenal as a player had already rubbed a number of the supporters the wrong way and his constant digs at the club since retiring has not seen him win any popularity awards either.

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