Rangers appear to give up after another one-sided defeat

Rangers are surrendering after starting a weeks long stream of dramas centered around SPFL and its leadership regarding the outcome of the season.

Rangers have thoroughly embarrassed themselves over the course of the last couple of weeks. Due to the novel coronavirus, the season was brought to a halt nearly two months ago. Those two weeks have seen economic hardships for all clubs to some extent. But for Rangers these two months have brought something more.

Drama after drama has unfolded as the Ibrox club has called the SPFL “corrupt” and claimed they have “bullied” member clubs into voting for resolutions other than Rangers’. All of this includes calling for the resignation of Neil Doncaster, as well as claiming Celtic executive Peter Lawwell is in some type of cohorts with the SPFL.

All of these misdoings by the Ibrox clubs has destroyed any reputation they have regained since going into liquidation the first time. Perhaps more disconcerting is the destruction of the reputation of Scottish football at the sole hands of Rangers.

But, perhaps this has all come to an end. Of course there is nothing to show for it but a red-faced Ibrox club, and the world looking on as they make a fool of themselves. Now they have released a statement that some have labeled as a “white flag” type of statement.

This recent release has proven once again that despite the destruction, drama and outrage this single club has created, nothing was changed because nothing they claimed was ever true. This was simply a big ruse to try and keep the championship and title away from Celtic.

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