Ally McCoist’s outrageous claim about Celtic and referees

Always the Celtic critic, Ally McCoist has now made one of the most outrageous statements yet regarding the relationship between Celtic and referees.

Ally McCoist, the former Rangers boss, has come out with an outrageous claim surrounding Celtic. Can you believe it? We know, its hard to fathom, but it’s true. This time, the claim surrounds the Hoops and their relationship with the referees who officiate the matches. If this sounds tired, it’s because it is.

Every club, team, and sports organization in the history of the sports world believes the referees favour the other club other than their own. But that doesn’t stop fans, or apparently Ally McCoist from making the argument. However, Ally McCoist is provided a platform to make these outlandish claims, so people listen.

In the TalksSport interview with Gallagher, McCosit claims that Celtic gets help from referees. McCoist is referencing the fact that referees are not required to disclose boyhood club fandoms, as is required in most leagues across the club. Here is what was said according to the Daily Record:

“As he explained how he got into refereeing, he was asked by host Laura Woods who he supported and Gallagher replied: “Celtic.”

That led to laughter in the studio with McCoist quickly jumping in to tease: “They’ve got enough help up here with referees without you mate.”

There is some validity to the worry, look at John Beaton in a pub after he officiated a Glasgow Derby Firm after Rangers won. That being said, Celtic has rarely been accused of getting help from referees, in fact, quite the opposite. Again, you don’t see referees partying with Hoops fans after a Glasgow Derby victory.

Either way, one can always depend on Ally McCoist to spew anti-Celtic propaganda as his club quickly races towards administration and liquidation once again. Anything to take the spotlight off of Ibrox.