Ex-Rangers man claims Premiership is ‘too close to call’

Celtic currently sit 13 points above Rangers in the Premiership table yet a former Ibrox star felt that the title race was ‘too close to call’.

Any one with a working understanding of football would say that it would take a minor miracle for Rangers to claw back into the title picture when/if the season resumes. While Steven Gerrard’s side have a game in hand, even a win will leave them 10 points behind Celtic with just 8 games left to be played. This has left those supporting the Ibrox side caught between a rock and a hard place.

On one hand, they are hoping that the season is cancelled and declared ‘null and void’ because that seems to be their only hope at the moment to prevent Celtic from winning a record-equaling ninth straight Scottish league title.

On the other hand, cancelling the season will lead to season-ticket holders and broadcasters demanding their money back. That will leave a club like Rangers in terrible as they are already under immense financial strain as it is right now and are looking towards a bleak future.

While UEFA are hoping that the leagues can resume by the end of next month, that seems like an unrealistic target at this point of time as the coronavirus outbreak continues to escalate all over the world.

It is understood though that if the season cannot be resumed then the Scottish football governing bodies will declare the season finished according to the current league standings instead of declaring it void and put the already struggling Scottish clubs under more pressure. That will see Celtic be crowned as champions while Hearts will go down.

Yet former Rangers man, Andy Gray, believes that the title race is still too close to just hand the title over to Celtic in case the season cannot be finished. As reported by The Scottish Sun, he said:

“No Championship that’s unfinished should be declared finished.

“In Scotland, it’s even closer [compared to England].

“It’s close and it’s not close as it might be or should be.

“But it’s too close to call still [in regards to handing out the title].”

We have heard some delusional statements from the Ibrox camp over the past few weeks but this might just take the cake.

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