Sky Sports stance could end up handing Celtic the title

Much of the money that Celtic and other SPFL clubs earn during the season come from broadcasting rights. Now, Sky’s stance could hand Celtic the title.

Celtic and other Scottish Premiership League clubs depend heavily on broadcasting rights and the cash infusion that comes along. With football being suspended due to the novel coronavirus, there has been some concern as to how that financial commitment, and how much would be paid out to the clubs.

It has been reported that broadcasters BT Sports and Sky Sports have already paid out their entire end of the financial deal. This is good news for clubs who depend on the broadcasting rights money in order to make ends meet at the end of the season.

Despite not having played out the entire season, these broadcasters have paid out in full and that cash will be distributed to each club based on performances and end of season results.

This news comes from The Sun:

BROADCASTERS BT Sport and Sky Sports have already paid the SPFL in full for the 2019-20 season – even though a number of matches remain outstanding and may never be played.

SunSport understands that all broadcast revenues were paid as scheduled before the end of the season, which should allow cash to be distributed to clubs as soon as a final mechanism for prize money pay-outs can be decided upon.

Of course all of this is dependent on how the season is eventually concluded. If the season were cancelled and clubs were awarded position based off of current results, then some of that broadcasting rights could be paid back.

Sky Sports’ recent feuding with Celtic could in fact end up handing the Hoops the coveted nine-in-a-row as they would certainly push to acquire their cash back. Of course, the SPFL could continue the season behind closed doors, but still broadcast. This would seem like an amenable plan between clubs, broadcasters, and fans. Ultimately, it comes down to the safety and health of those involved.

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