Former Rangers star makes jealous Celtic-Adidas claim

After recently signing a new kit deal with Adidas, a former Rangers star’s jealously can’t quite be contained over the good fortune of Celtic.

Celtic has recently secured a massive deal with Adidas that would see the world-famous football giant start to supply the Hoops with their kits and gear. While talk and rumours of the potential deal have been going on for months, it is now official.

Celtic is one of the most well-known clubs in the world with an extensive fan base across the globe. Furthermore, its storied history lend well to its marketing capability. As such, kit makers see the Hoops as a profitable and worthwhile venture.

Unlike Rangers, who have constant legal, and financial matters and disputes, Celtic is a reputable club that does good business. Now, don’t get us wrong. Winning every trophy in sight for multiple years in a row does wonders in securing the top kit producers. But, it isn’t everything.

Speaking with Football Insider, former Ranger Alan Hutton had some… uniformed opinions on the Celtic and Adidas kit partnership:

“I think they’ve got the same size of fanbase all over the world, the difference with Celtic at the moment is that they’re winning things.

“It’s plain and simple, they’ve won everything there is to win over X number of years so I think from a sponsor’s point of view, they’re getting it out there more.

“I obviously understand why Adidas have went to Celtic and supposedly given them the biggest deal in Scottish history so I do see where it’s come from.

“I think for Rangers to get back to that level, it’s as simple as winning things – I think everybody knows that.”

Well, that was something… Alan Hutton truly believes that Rangers and Celtic have the same size fanbase across the world. Go to any pub from the United States all the way to Australia and ask if they know who Rangers is. Odds are they probably can’t. Celtic on the other hand has done wonders in building its brand. And that is why Adidas approached the Hoops for the biggest deal in Scottish football not history. And oh yeah, being winners helps a tad too.

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