Report: Scottish clubs might be in huge trouble very soon

A recent report regarding the Scottish clubs has caused a stir and it might have huge repercussions for them if the football break is extended. Should Celtic be concerned?

The coronavirus outbreak only seems to be getting worse around Europe and there are much more bigger issues at hand at the moment than football. But when things do return to normal and here’s hoping that it will be soon, a lot of Scottish clubs might not even be in existence if the break is extended over a long period of time. The biggest question for Celtic fans at this moment would be: should we be concerned as well?

According to a report released by The Scotsman, only six Scottish clubs have adequate insurance to cover business disruption but they did not name the clubs. The football season has been suspended since early March and with the end of the month coming up, a lot of clubs will be under financial strain at the moment.

The report in The Scotsman states:

The SPFL recommended an insurance firm to cover clubs for events including interruption of or interference with the business.

In a section relating to denial of access to premises, clubs who have this particular policy are covered to a limit of £500,000 “excluding any consequence of labour disputes or infectious or contagious diseases”.

One chief executive of a Championship club who has a policy with the firm in question said he would not be surprised if most clubs were in the same position.

Indeed, The Scotsman understands only six clubs in the top four divisions are covered for the current extremely unlikely set of circumstances.

It is no secret that Scottish clubs are not rolling in money and one can only wonder what kind of pressure they might be under in the lower leagues right now. And with it now being confirmed that there won’t be any football until at least April 30th, the pressure will only mount.

Fortunately for Celtic, they are not in any immediate need for money even if they are not insured. And after years of fans demanding the board to spend the money in the bank on transfers, that saved up dough is coming in handy. The same cannot be said for most other Scottish clubs though.

In the midst of all this, let’s not forget the bigger issue at hand that is the coronavirus. Everything depends on how quickly that virus will die away. So please take all prevention measures and hopefully the world recovers from this terrible disease as soon as possible.

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