‘Begging bowl out’ – Kris Boyd proves to have short memory

Kris Boyd’s scathing attack on the Hearts’ management eerily sounds like him describing the incompetence of another club, one very close to his heart.

Some statements make you question whether some people cannot actually hear what they are saying. The one from Kris Boyd earlier is one such situation. It is hard to comprehend the Boyd wrote the piece that he did attacking the Hearts board without realizing how apt it was for another club as well, one that he has championed and cheered on for in recent memory – the Rangers.

Yes, the Rangers! ‘The’ because the original Rangers Football Club died back in 2012 because they were unable to pay their bills. Yet when Hearts find themselves in a similar situation, the former Rangers man seems to be one looking down upon them for their financial struggles.

Also keep in mind that Hearts are not nearly as big as the Glasgow club. And who is to say that even the Rangers will come out of this football suspension unscathed, if they manage to come out of it at all.

But before moving on to the Rangers, let’s see what Boyd had to say about the Hearts in his column in The Scottish Sun:

“Given their fairly recent administration, Hearts have an absolute cheek asking staff to take such a savage reduction in their wages.

“This is a club who have had a financial meltdown within the last ten years and promised not to make the same mistakes again.  Clearly lessons have not been learned.

“Instead of watching every penny they spend, they have once again spent well beyond their means. Coronavirus or not, it was only a matter of time before Hearts had the begging bowl out.”

Yes, some of the points that he raises here are correct. The players and staff should not have to pay the price for the incompetence of the management by having their salaries cut in half. But if this piece did not Hearts, one could very easily be led to believe that it was about the Rangers. So similar are the two clubs’ financial situations right now.

The club has been posting huge losses since their resurrected following their dissolution back in 2012. And if rumours are to be believed then they are on their last legs, with a number of court cases pending and a fresh injection of cash very much required to keep them afloat. As a result, the suspension of the season due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

We suggest that you hold on to Boyd’s article for a while, because it has huge potential of producing a chuckle or two at the expense of the Rangers in the very near future.

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