WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre takes dig at Celtic and CM Punk

Monday Night RAW
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The world of the WWE and Celtic have mixed together more often than anybody would have been expecting over the last month. Firstly, there were members of Gallus taking pictures wearing Celtic jerseys while training with Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock. And now, multi-time world champions and Rangers supporter, Drew McIntyre, has taken a dig at the Hoops ahead of the Glasgow Derby.

McIntyre is currently involved in a storyline with CM Punk. And the Ayr-born WWE Superstar has compared the Chicago icon with Celtic.

Of course, as is always the case with the WWE, a lot of the talk is just to get a reaction out of the fans. But still, Celtic supporters will not be particularly impressed with McIntyre's comments.

As reported by the Daily Star, when asked to compare CM Punk to a Scottish football club, McIntyre said:

"What’s a team that just constantly has players that hurt themselves and get injured – Inverness Caledonian Thistle. I don’t know why they’re popping into my head. I’m trying to think of a team that had a random bit of glory a couple of times and live off of that. That would be Celtic, wouldn’t it?"

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre takes dig at Celtic and CM Punk

The WWE will be coming to Glasgow next month with their show 'Clash at the Castle'. With CM Punk still out injured, it might be a bit too early for him to get into the ring with McIntyre. But when that match does eventually happen, a lot of Celtic supporters are expected to side with the Chicago native over the Scotsman.

To be honest, CM Punk is not the worst WWE Superstar to be compared to. He is one of the most influential performers of his generation and has immediately reestablished himself as one of the top guys in the company, even though he was away for almost a decade.

Of course, the WWE will be the last thing on the minds of Celtic fans this week. They have an important Glasgow Derby coming up, which could end up determining the destination of the league this season.