Pundit believes Brendan Rodgers could leave Celtic


When Brendan Rodgers returned for a second spell as Celtic manager, he was welcomed back with open arms. That was somewhat unexpected considering the manner in which he had left the club last time around, in the middle of the 2018/19 season, in order to join Leicester City. But most fans recognised that he was the best option available after Ange Postecoglou departed.

The start to Rodgers's second stint as Celtic manager has been somewhat underwhelming. The first time around, he had delivered the Invincibles in his debut season.

This time, they are already out of the Scottish League Cup, are guaranteed to finish bottom of their Champions League group and have been inconsistent in the Premiership even though they sit on top with the Rangers underperforming. It is quite clear that things need to improve.

At the same time though, a lot of fans feel that it is the club who need to improve and not Rodgers. The Northern Irishman needs to be given more backing when it comes to transfers if one is to expect any progress.

Pundit believes Rodgers could leave Celtic

When Rodgers returned, there was a lot of talk about a record-breaking summer transfer window and looking to make a real impact in the Champions League. None of that happened.

Tam McManus believes that Rodgers could walk away from Celtic if things remain the same. As reported by Football Scotland, he told PLZ Soccer:

"The four quality players he wanted cost money, and he's not been given that money. So I blame the board and the recruitment team at Celtic - not Brendan Rodgers - because he's clearly not got the guys in that he wanted."

The former Hibernian player further went on to add:

"I don't think he's going to be the same next season. I think next season, if it's the same, he'll leave. I don't think he'll be here. I think if he's not backed in the summer to the tune of four quality players, then I think he'll walk away."

One would hope that Rodgers remains the Celtic manager for the foreseeable future. He has proven himself at Parkhead and also down south. There is no doubt about his quality.

Most people recognise that he has not been dealt the best hand at Celtic this time around. The key to a good squad is finding the right balance between youth and experience. Rodgers has openly talked about the need to bring in some more quality and hopefully that will be done in upcoming transfer windows.