Neil Warnock makes Celtic claim after joining Aberdeen

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At one point in his career, it would not have been a major surprise if Neil Warnock ended up as manager of Celtic or the Rangers. Those days are gone but that has not stopped him from making a move to Scottish football at 75 years of age. He was recently named the new interim boss of Aberdeen, who have struggled for stability in the managerial hot seat for a few years now.

Warnock is certainly one of the most experienced managers in the game today. And while he might not be a long-term solution, he could be someone who can steady the ship for Aberdeen before a permanent manager is brought in.

Warnock had announced his retirement from the game in 2022 but that did not last long. He made a return to management with Huddersfield Town last year and now finds himself at Aberdeen.

While it might not be Celtic or the Rangers, the Aberdeen job is a high-profile as well. And after spending so long managing in England, Warnock will surely have a unique perspective coming to Scotland and will most probably be looking forward to a new experience at 75 and after almost 45 years as a manager.

Warnock makes Celtic claim after joining Aberdeen

As reported by 67 Hail Hail, Warnock said in his press conference when talking about Scottish football not being rated highly by people in England:

"I think you will always get that with the English.

“We are a bit arrogant, aren’t we?! Celtic and Rangers have done really well, haven’t they? But I think it’s nice to be an underdog and trying to come up against these teams and trying to do well."

It would be safe to say that Celtic and the Rangers are two of the biggest clubs in world football. They are bigger than most English teams without the exception of a very select few.

Of course, Scottish football is not the most popular globally. So, very often, fans outside of Scotland do not truly appreciate the sheer size of the two giants from Glasgow.