Celtic send public message to CM Punk who showed up in club gear

Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

It is not really uncommon for Celtic fans to like the WWE as well, but we have never witnessed the two worlds mix together to the extent that they have over the course of this week. Of course, it all started with the controversy surrounding the merchandise that seemed like a nod to the Rangers, who Drew McIntyre is a well-known supporter of.

McIntyre was in the main event of WWE's Clash at the Castle, which took place in Glasgow. He challenged Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship.

McIntyre failed to win gold though and that was largely due to the interference of CM Punk in the match. And the Chicago native's outfit in the post-show press conference would have caught the eye of Celtic fans.

Punk showed up to the Clash at the Castle post-show press conference in Celtic gear. Some added mind games with the Rangers supporting McIntyre.

Celtic send public message to CM Punk who showed up in club gear

The official Celtic twitter account got involved in the fun as well. They sent out a couple of tweets to Punk on the night.

In one, they pointed out that he was looking great while wearing Celtic gear. In the other, they thanked him, seemingly for stopping McIntyre from winning the match.

Of course, Punk's appearance on the night would not have come as a surprise to those who had been keeping an eye on social media. The WWE superstar had been pictured in a Celtic store ahead of Clash at the Castle.

So, many had expected him to appear on the night. The Celtic gear was not unexpected either as it added another layer to the storytelling between McIntyre and Punk. One would expect the two to face each other in the not too distant future after the events of this weekend.