Celtic player calls out Rangers for celebrating draw at Ibrox

The Glasgow Celtic FC and the Glasgow Rangers FC Club Badges
The Glasgow Celtic FC and the Glasgow Rangers FC Club Badges / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Celtic might not have been great over the course of the 2023/24 season, having plenty of shaky moments, but they were good enough to finish ahead of the Rangers to win the Premiership and also defeated Philippe Clement's side in the final of the Scottish Cup. As a result, the Ibrox club find themselves staring at another rebuild. This seems to be a familiar story for them every summer.

One of the vital results in the title race was the 3-3 draw at Ibrox. Who knows how the title race would have turned out if the Rangers won that derby at home.

Instead, we saw the Rangers celebrating the draw. Of course, they did manage to come from 2-0 down and scored an equaliser in added time to make it 3-3. But overall, it was not a positive result for them in the context of the title race.

Nicolas Kuhn joined Celtic in the winter transfer window and his recent comments make for interesting reading. As reported by The Herald, the former Bayern Munich player said:

"In my first derby against Rangers, I was in the starting eleven. We played away at Ibrox. In the first ten minutes of a game like that, you can hardly breathe. But we quickly took a 2-0 lead. The atmosphere at that moment was indescribable. You had to be there to understand it.

"It ended 3-3 and afterwards they celebrated as if they were already champions.

"But after that we dominated the league, played great games and got all the points we could. And then there was the derby at Celtic Park.

"Suddenly you're playing with 60,000 fans behind you and not 50,000 against you. We scored two goals, Rangers got a red card and we brought the result over the finish line. That was the big step towards the title."

Celtic player calls out Rangers for celebrating draw at Ibrox

Celtic were not at their best last season by any means. But when the big moments arrived, their experience of dealing with such situations appeared to shine through. On the other hand, the Rangers seemed to struggled when under the spotlight and lost all but one of the Glasgow Derbies. They ended up celebrated the one they drew.

As for Kuhn, one would hope that there is a lot more to come. He has shown flashes of quality but is not a starter for Celtic at this point in time.

In fact, he found himself behind James Forrest in the last few months of the season. Something that not many would have expected when the move happened.