Brendan Rodgers makes Green Brigade claim before Celtic Park return

Atletico Madrid v Celtic FC: Group E - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
Atletico Madrid v Celtic FC: Group E - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Justin Setterfield/GettyImages

Celtic need a lift at this point in time. The team have been struggling for several weeks now. Over their past 5 games in the Premiership, they have dropped 8 points. Nowhere near the expectations and it has also meant that they have allowed the Rangers a way back into the title race, something that seemed nearly impossible even a couple of months back.

Now, it is up to the club to get things back on track and start winning again. It is way too early in the season to panic but if things don't improve soon, the situation might no longer be recoverable.

There has been some positive news lately. The Green Brigade's ban has been lifted and they will be back at Parkhead this weekend for the game against Livingston.

Many had felt that the Celtic Park atmosphere had suffered due to the absence of the Green Brigade in recent weeks. Hopefully, that extra support can provide the team a much-needed lift.

Rodgers makes Green Brigade claim before Celtic Park return

Rodgers certainly appears to be viewing this as a positive. As reported by The Scotsman, the Celtic manager said:

"Celtic’s history is littered with late goals and a big part of that is down to the fans and the whole stadium getting behind the team. That’s what makes Celtic. When you have the manager, the supporters and the players all on the same page it’s a real force.

“It hasn’t been the atmosphere for a number of weeks but that’s the responsibility of everyone. But we know when the atmosphere is white hot at Celtic it makes it a really, really difficult place for teams to come and play and also it gives the players that extra edge as well. For the guys to be back in, there is no doubt they have given an ambience in that corner section. The club gave them that opportunity to be the first club in Britain to have that safe standing area.

“Hopefully they can go back in and support the team and their responsibility as well as the whole stadium to really get behind the team to help us get the result."

While the return of the Green Brigade is expected to boost the atmosphere at Parkhead and away from home, one cannot expect the results to magically improve due to their presence. There are a lot of areas where the Hoops need to improve.

The upcoming January transfer window will provide them the chance to do that. Now, let's see if they can take it. Names of players being linked with the club in recent days have not filled the Celtic fans with confidence at all though, as it feels like they will be sticking with their transfer strategy despite how things turned out for them in the summer.