Jota has revealed the secret behind Celtic’s success

Celtic might not have been able to get the job done against Real Madrid in their Champions League opener, but the performance against the European champions was one to be proud of. The Hoops had plenty of chances to score themselves before Los Blancos found their first. And if they can convert them in the future, then there is no reason that the Scottish giants could not go through to the next round of the competition.

This just goes on to show how far Celtic have come under the management of Ange Postecoglou, since his arrival last summer.

Back then, they were coming off of a disaster of a 2020/21 campaign, which had seen them finish 25 points behind the Rangers and also without a single piece of silverware.

The picture is quite different now. Postecoglou’s side won the Premiership and League Cup double last season and just went toe-to-toe with Real Madrid in the Champions League. And a key reason behind that might be their attitude. As reported by The Scotsman, Jota said:

“That’s the secret. That’s really how we think.

“People often think that the only important thing is the Champions League, but it’s not. Every game counts for us. Now we are just going to rest and recover and think of the league game.

“We knew that we had to have personality inside the pitch [at home to Madrid], we needed to remain humble and just to play our game and that’s what we tried to do. We know that we had our chances, we didn’t score, and we know that when these teams have their chances they take them, and that’s it. Next time, we just need to take ours.

“The Champions League level is very high, always. Madrid are a top, top team, one of the best in the world, and this will be a learning curve for us. I just can’t wait until the next one to get better, and to get better results.”

Jota reveals the secret behind Celtic’s recent successes

Thus, it looks like this current Celtic side have a bit of a tunnel vision when it comes to what is ahead of them and do not think about other games in the future.

That is the right attitude to have as well, as it is very easy to drop points when you are distracted about what is to come in the future rather than the task at hand.

The Premiership table should be a reflection of this attitude, as Celtic are already five points ahead of the Rangers with just six league games played till now. The Portuguese winger has himself made an exceptional start to the season and is looking like he is even better now than he was last season, when he was on loan from Benfica.