Celtic’s social media silence after defeat ends up backfiring

The 1-0 defeat against Ross County was another awful result in a season that has been nothing short of a nightmare. And most Celtic fans want hard news of positive steps being taken for both now and next season.

There is lots that could be said after Sunday’s defeat. Hoops fans and the media are already doing that. And who can blame them.

The constant flow of comments from fans on social media tell its own story. Very few are sympathetic to the club, manager or players. There’s little evidence to support anything different to that.

After how badly they have done this season, Neil Lennon should have been shown the exit door already, but at this point there seems to be very little hope of that happening anytime before the end of this campaign. And there have even been some whispers that he could stay beyond that.

Some Celtic fans managed to see the funny side of things

While Lennon turns up for media interviews and talks about the future, there is little to nothing emerging from the board about the situation. There are no clues dropped about future plans, of significant change coming in order to improve next season.

Some have even pointed out a change in approach with the club seeming to avoid the usual sharing via Twitter although they did post a birthday message to Ryan Christie on Instagram:

Of course most of it was in good humour and trying to make of the situation that the club finds itself in. But it does underline that need for engagement between the board and the fans.

The current situation isn’t going to improve until something changes. Even if the Hoops had won last night’s game, the underlying issues would have remained the same. The loss may accelerate some action but it’s critical that in amongst the chaos, someone at the club takes control, takes action and engages with the supporters.