‘Destroying the team’ – Michael Stewart points out Celtic’s problem

After back-to-back defeats against the Rangers and AC Milan, Michael Stewart has pointed out Celtic’s problem that is “destroying the team”.

Michael Stewart has come out and pointing out Celtic’s problem right now in his column in The Scottish Sun. He has criticised Lennon’s persistence with using the 3-5-2 formation. After swapping his formation choice throughout the first few weeks of play this season, Lennon has seemingly settled of late with the three at the back, offering more options in attacking play.

Yet, as Stewart points out, the 3-5-2 has its drawbacks, starting with the choice of players. In his column, he describes some of his issues with the choice of players, saying:

“Brown playing 90 minutes three times a week while other midfielders sit on the bench isn’t helping anyone. The likes of Turnbull need space and time to develop and you can see him stepping in and really blossoming.”

Obviously Brown is older now and can no longer play as much as he used to back in his prime without his performance levels going down. The club captain and midfielder has shown his mettle through and through, but three matches in a week’s span will wear down any player. It would be absolutely understandable for Lennon to rotate in some fresh, younger when the schedule is as clustered as it is right now.

Stewart’s other big issue is with the team’s ability to defend with three in the back, as well as with Shane Duffy’s play of late. In his column, he spoke to this saying:

“Shane Duffy is the other Celtic leader getting a doing right now and he will know himself he can play better. Celtic’s system has been THE biggest issue as Duffy has not fully convinced since arriving on loan from Brighton. Persevering with the three at the back was basically destroying the team. It just wasn’t working.”

Now, Shane Duffy has not quite played to the best of his abilities as of late, but as Hoops fans saw in his first few matches, when he is on form he can be quite an asset not just in defence but also in the opposition box. Fans can only hope that he is able to get back into form soon and perform up to the level needed for a tenth-straight league title.

The 3-5-2 has not quite worked out recently and there is always the chance that Lennon switches back from three to four after his side’s recent defensive struggles.

Here’s hoping the Bhoys can get back into their proper form soon with a convincing win at Aberdeen tomorrow, and that Lennon and his defence can sort themselves out soon.