Celtic fans are delighted with Europa League decision

Celtic fans are delighted with the club’s decision regarding their upcoming Europa League play-off game against FK Sarajevo.

We don’t need to tell you why Celtic’s upcoming game against FK Sarajevo is important. There hopes of making it into Europe depend upon the result of the game and a loss will bring with it major financial consequences, which could very possibly force the club into selling some players in order to balance the loss of no European competition for the season. Thus, Thursday’s game away against the Bosnian side is a must-win for the Hoops.

There was a lot of confusion though until today regarding the telecast of the game. Premier Sports TV had already made it clear that they will not be broadcasting the game while the club had not confirmed anything regarding Celtic TV.

As we had reported earlier, an official announcement from the club was expected today. That announcement has indeed been made and it is a welcome one for season-ticket holders. The game will be available to them on their Celtic season pass, which is only fair considering the money that they have paid for it.

As expected, the fans wasted no time in expressing their delight with the club’s announcement:

The most important thing now though will be for the Bhoys to put in a winning performance against FK Sarajevo away in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday. It will bring with it the guarantee of European football for another, albeit the Europa League and the financial boost that comes with it.

A failure to win though will end their hopes of making it onto the European stage, something that is unacceptable for a club the size of Celtic. And if that does happen, the opportunity to watch will feel more like a curse than a boon for the season ticket holders.