Rangers fans left red-faced as Morelos mystery solved

Rangers fans have been left red-faced after the Alfredo Morelos mystery from last year was finally solved and the results are as expected.

Although it seems like a lifetime ago now, remember last season when an unidentified man was found under Alfredo Morelos’ car. But why do we care though? Well, as expected Rangers fans were quick to blame Celtic fans for the incident, claiming that their rivals were trying to get their striker. As it turned out though, it could not be further from the truth.

Soon after the incident, reports started to break out that the man was incredibly a private eye who had been hired by Morelos’ wife to keep a look after her husband. While some believed the story, many Rangers fans just decided to call it rumours which were trying to protect the Celtic fan who was actually responsible for it.

Conspiracy theories continued to circulate and somehow it seemed realistic to them that a Celtic fan would try to put Morelos’ life in danger. They can put those rumours to rest now though as the truth is finally out.

A 29-year-old had been arrested after he had handed himself in to the police regarding the incident. Now it has been confirmed that all criminal charges have been dropped against him by the prosecutors.

As reported by The Scottish Sun, A Crown Officer and Prosecutor Fiscal Service spokesman said:

“After careful consideration of the facts of the case, it was decided there should be no criminal proceedings.”

Now while it has not been revealed what actually happened, it is clear that it was not a Celtic fan as most of the Ibrox faithful appeared to believe when the news first broke out. And the fact that some of them actually believed that ridiculous rumour to be true should provide a good laugh to anybody not associated with the Blue side of Glasgow.