Kris Commons’ double standards exposed by new Celtic claims

Kris Commons still isn’t doing himself any favours with Celtic fans or players with his latest piece of work.

Everyone understands that ex players have to earn a living and very often it leads to them making controversial statements for no reason at all in order to attract attention. That has certainly become the case with Kris Commons in recent years, as he continues to rely on stirring the pot by making statements that rouse controversy among the Celtic fans.

Commons is on a run of daft stories and wild comments, meaning the latest in the Daily Record isn’t a surprise. It is a bit sad though to see a former player come after the club time after time..

Commons pleads for Celtic fans to stop being critical of left back Greg Taylor. Taylor, according to Commons is apparently too easy a target and in the fans firing line for not being Kieran Tierney:

“It’s starting to feel like he can’t do right for doing wrong. Hardly a week goes past now without some Celtic fans getting on his case and slaughtering his performances.

“They view him as an easy target. They criticise him purely because of the fact he’s not Kieran Tierney. Sorry, but that’s a cheap shot and an easy stick to beat him with.”

Well that’s true, he sure isn’t Kieran Tierney. He is a player where Neil Lennon wants to sign someone else in his position. He is also a player where fans debate who is better, Taylor or Boli Bolingoli, which says a lot.

Anyway, Commons takes this don’t get on top of under-performing players, give them breathing space approach, and develops that into a cheap shot at Mohamed Elyounoussi:

“He has started the last three matches on the bench and didn’t get on at all against St Mirren last week.”

Neither did Odsonne Edouard against Livingston, Kris:

“He excelled last season in a 4-2-3-1 playing as a winger cutting in from the left. You can afford to do that when you’ve got a full-back bombing past you on the overlap.”

Fair point. The trouble is that a lot of Celtic fans think our left back isn’t bombing past as effectively as he should and keeps playing the ball back to the midfield or a centre half. And Bolingoli as our other left back was more of a bombscare until he went off.

But Kris doesn’t want us to mention that. It’s not such a good story to sell.