Civil war surrounding Rangers as two directors resign

It looks like trouble is brewing around the Ibrox club as a civil war seems on the verge of breaking out among their fans.

Rangers might not have conceded a single goal on the pitch in the league this season yet but they seem to be scoring a lot of own goals off the pitch. A lot of the negativity surrounding the club has been a direct result of Castore and the new kits that they have manufactured.

The fans had been promised the world but it is safe to say that most of those promises were not delivered on. As a result, they were left angry and bitterly disappointed.

Club 1872, one of their most prominent fan groups, had raised there voice against this new kit deal and then released a statement when the club apparently did not invite them to an event. Such public criticism against one’s own club is certainly a rare site. Now it appears though that Club 1872 are falling apart themselves.

Describing themselves as the fifth largest shareholders in Rangers, it looks like that two of their directors have recently stepped down without their members even being informed. As expected a lot of questions were raised on Twitter:

Does the fact that they had raised questions against the Rangers in the very recent past have anything to do with these resignations? Or is there more at play here? Whatever may be the case, it is pretty clear that Club 1872 do not have their house in order at the moment. Once upon a time they had over 15,000 members but less than a third of that are left these days apparently.

For Celtic fans though, all this is great fun. And who could say no to a little fun in these trying times?