Video emerges of Castore using Umbro label on Rangers shirt

Rangers’ kit deal with Castore has been a nightmare for their fans and it looks like it is only getting started following the emergence of this hilarious video.

When Rangers signed a kit manufacturing deal with Castore, they promised the world to their fans. It was claimed that it was gonna take their kits to the next level. Some of their fans even claimed that it was better than getting Adidas. While a few others believed the technology used would even help their players perform better on the pitch.

As we know by now though, most of those promises have not been delivered though. In fact, they failed to keep up with the demand of the kits as delivery was delayed. And when they eventually were, a lot of them turned out to be damaged. And questions have been raised about the quality of the kits. But then that should not be surprising considering the fact that new signing Roofe had to play with Roffe on the back of his shirt for a league game.

All of this has provided some much needed entertainment to Celtic fans. But the emergence of this recent video has taken it to the next level.

Castore Fan, a parody account of the brand, put up the video on their Twitter of a Rangers fan taking a look at his kit. It begins with the stitching on the product before taking a look at the label inside the kit, which was of Umbro. If you want to watch the full video, then just click here or go to Castore Fan’s page on Twitter.

Let’s just say that some things are just too funny to be true. But when it comes to Castore, anything is possible. Guess that is Castore.

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