Former Celtic star wants to return to the Hoops

Another former Celtic star has made his desire known of returning to the Hoops one day, although it is very unlikely that it’ll happen.

As a general rule in football it’s rarely a good move to go back as a player to a previous club where you made your name originally. More often than not it doesn’t work out well. So when you see an ex Celtic player saying they’d love to return, whether you loved them in their heyday or not, it’s usually wise to dismiss the possibility completely.

This week it’s Aiden McGeady’s turn to yearn for the good old days at a club where he was at his most successful and probably where he was most comfortable too. It was way back in 2010 when he headed off to Moscow in a record breaking £9.5m deal. Since then he’s been with Everton and Sunderland but never really reached his Celtic form consistently.

With Sunderland now having McGeady train with their youths rather than first team and a spell out on loan at Charlton, his future looks uncertain. Maybe Neil Lennon should pick up the phone to him. But sadly not to get him back into the squad, he could ask his views on young Alfie Doughty at the London club where we’ve shown strong interest.

Harsh? Yes maybe but that rule of not going back applies and McGeady is probably not what Celtic need right now. To be fair he probably realises that himself. The Daily Record reports on McGeady talking about some possible interest from Jack Ross, manager at Hibs. In terms of Celtic, McGeady admitted he’d love to return, but was practical and realistic too:

“My first choice would be Celtic but I think that time in my career has passed to be honest with you. I was 34 in April, I played in the Championship at the end of last season.

“Maybe if Lenny gets in touch then I might, aye! But I don’t think that’s going to happen, I think that ship has sailed.”

McGeady reckoned he could still do a good job for a club somewhere:

“I’ve probably lost a little bit of speed but not to the extent where I’d say I’m slow.

“I honestly feel I could play another four or five years but whether someone employs you for that long is a different story.”

Which is another reason for it not being a Celtic return, the hoops need the speedy tricky wing play more than the midfield experience.

Maybe Hibs wouldn’t be bad shout for his experience but who knows what wages he’d be on even at Sunderland. A club down south may be more likely if he wants to earn at a higher level.

Good luck Aiden, wherever you get to.

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