Rangers star claimed to be Barcelona and Real Madrid quality

A Rangers star has recently been declared a quality fit for Barcelona or Real Madrid, except there is one thing standing in the way.

Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos has just been lifted to a level every footballer would love to attain, a level in which one becomes a target of one of the top clubs in the world. Except he isn’t. Far from it in fact.

According to Victor Montano, a Colombian star and reported by The Scottish Sun, Morelos is of a talent that should be worthy of playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid if only he weren’t Colombian. While it is true that Argentinian and Brazilian nationals get noticed and recognized at a much higher rate than Colombians that still does not mean Morelos is anywhere near the level of talent to receive such high praise.

Fellow countrymen will always speak highly of their own, but Morelos is an absolute mess. The Ibrox striker can’t score against Celtic in any situation, proving he is not capable of carrying his club in high pressure situations. None of this even mentions that he is an absolute PR nightmare for whichever club takes him on next.

How about consistently showing up out of shape? Or even worse, not showing up at all because he doesn’t feel like it. It is one thing for someone to exaggerate, it is a completely different matter to give praise to Morelos to the level Montano did when the player is inexplicably unable to do even the small things right.

The high praise and talk for and about Morelos is quickly getting old. Odsonne Edouard is not only the best striker, but the best player in Scotland by a mile. No one ever has to write or worry about the next stupid thing he does. Morelos on the other hand…