Celtic have decided to walk away from striker talks

After a lot of noise over the past few days regarding the transfer, it looks Celtic have decided to walk away from the deal.

Fletcher’s interest in signing for Celtic has been around for a little while and reached a peak on Wednesday evening when by many accounts talks had progressed and deals discussed. At on stage green twitter lit up to proclaim variations on a done deal, an offer made by Celtic or that Fletcher had joined.

The views from fans remained mixed, many saw experience being brought to the club, others saw a way too long past it experience. So with more news now out that the deal isn’t done and is probably off, or at least offers are not on the table anymore, we’ll likely see fans mixed again in being happy or disappointed.

There hasn’t been any official news about a deal, on, off or otherwise, although Sky Sports are today still quoting Neil Lennon referring to talks ongoing with Fletcher and others. The lack of anything detailed or official isn’t unusual or unexpected but based on many comments on social media we probably shouldn’t expect to see anything regarding Fletcher now, he’s likely to pursue more lucrative offers from English Championship sides. Stoke City for one are apparently interested.

That does leave a hanging question. If it was Celtic who backed away, why? It’s unlikely the mixed reception from fans would have made any difference. More likely could be a better reception to offers and talks from other players being pursued by the Hoops. Toney remains a possibility after Brentford missing out on the English Premier League. Ajeti is not a lost cause yet and there are rumours aplenty regarding other possible players to join Neil Lennon’s squad.

Is it possible that Celtic’s interest in Fletcher has been curtailed as better options have got closer to agreeing deals to sign up for the hoops? Let’s hope so!