Celtic fans hijack Rangers’ ‘new signing’ announcement

Celtic fans wasted no time in getting one up over the Rangers fans as the club announced their ‘new signing’ for next season.

As is often the case they will claim supremacy over others off the pitch, and only hit a true realisation once matches get fully underway. And the stakes are much higher this season with stopping Celtic from 10-in-a-row on the line.

Signings so far have immediately become worth millions more than they signed for, been proclaimed as like Messi, Zidane or Viera. Morelos has attracted more in offers than you could ever imagine. Though not as many as the Scottish media where the imagination continues. The new kit has been given such extra ordinary match winning powers that it makes Superman’s cape and pants substandard. And so on, you know how the story goes each season…

The latest Rangers signing should have us all bowing in deference and shaking in our boots. They’ve signed a new commentator. Clive Tyldesley is joining the Rangers TV team.

Throw in a ‘legend’ in the shape of Walter Smith and the inevitable Graeme Souness on the team to add some knowhow and experience. They fit right alongside Neil McCann and Alex Rae …and pre season was again secured.

That was the blue twitter touch paper lit. World class, superb, putting Celtic in their place and so on said the light blues fans. There was a mixture of delight and disappointment when they found out that their usual commentator, Tom Miller, was staying on. Celtic fans were reassured that even though it wasn’t his phrase, the saying “What’s the goalie doing Tom?” remains valid and in play.

Of course, Celtic fans had a bit to say as well:

To be fair, Tyldesley is a good commentator and probably a good signing. He’ll probably love the Union Jacks and the pictures and homage to the queen. But we have a feeling he might not find the experience as nice as he would have come into the job expecting it to be.

It’d be quite a risk if a free speaking commentator with no Ibrox heritage or background preferred honest truths and speaking out – or was unhappy at being instructed not to.

Good luck Clive, you may need it for such a bold move.