Celtic receive major cash boost ahead of 10IAR season

Celtic have received a cash boost ahead of the 10-in-a-row season which will only help to solidify finances which have taken a hit due to COVID-19.

Celtic, just like every other football club in the world, has not remained unaffected by the financial effects of COVID-19. With the previous football season called early, which meant no fans in seats, revenue has been down. Yet, the Hoops have remained relatively unscathed unlike much of Scottish football.

Despite being in relatively good financial health even during the crisis, Celtic has now received another cash boost thanks to some big money supporters. The Hoops just announced that all Corporate Boxes/Suites have been sold out which, as Indy Celts points out, is worth millions of pounds.

Even with companies struggling it is good to see that corporations are still willing to spend money on these luxury boxes. The additional money can help offset lost revenue from the shortened season and potentially add to the transfer budget. That possible influx of cash to the budget can help the club add more quality players, which in turn could help the pursuit of the coveted 10-in-a-row and possible pursuit of the Champions League Group Stage.

Celtic has always had a staunchly loyal supporter base and that continues to be the case this season. Furthermore, when other clubs are trying to find spare change in their sofas, Celtic is finding ways to make millions. This is why the Hoops continue to be one of the best clubs in Europe. Even during adversity the board is able to make it work.

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