Celtic domestic success or Champions League success?

Despite cries for Celtic to be a bigger presence in the Champions League, domestic success, especially this season should be the biggest goal.

Now, these numbers are not scientific that I am about to throw out here, but based on what we have seen on social media, we probably aren’t far off. I estimate that about 80-85% of Celtic supporters (if not more) would agree that the 10-in-a-row league championship is more important than making the Champions League Group Stage this upcoming season.

To be quite frank, they’re not wrong. 10IAR is one of, if not the most prestigious of all achievements in club history (aside from the European Cup championship in 1967, ironic). However, at some point the club has to go for glory in Europe to truly maintain their ranking among the most prestigious clubs in Europe.

Now, 10IAR is important, but would 11, 12 or 13 be even more so? Will domestic success ever take a back seat to European success, or do they go hand in hand? If Celtic’s greatest season ever ended with a European Cup Final championship victory then clearly that means European success is more valuable, right?

Things have changed in the last 50 years and the 10IAR is in sight. That must be the top priority right now in the present. The club is taking actions to help secure that by adding Vasilios Barkas as well as talking with others to help strengthen the club. While any club can beat another on any given match day, it truly is Rangers who the club must stay ahead of. The board is clearly not prioritizing Europe otherwise Kristoffer Ajer talk would be minimal and Odsonne Edouard would be locked up for the foreseeable future. The striker would help ensure the best success in Europe but instead he is more likely to move on.

So, where does the club go from here? After winning their group in the Europa League last year they looked poised to be competitive and possibly make the Champions League this year. But this is a different squad with new faces, while some old have now left. But, what if the Champions League becomes a reality for the club, could that additional cash flow help even the books more and keep stars around longer, or even potentially add more?

These are the questions that the club and its supporters must think about going into this season. Could the Champions League this year potentially be more important than the 10IAR? This season, no. But for the future it very well could be.

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