Even the Rangers camp is giving up on stopping Celtic 10IAR

It looks like that even the Rangers camp is starting to give up on their chances of stopping Celtic 10IAR.

Neil McCann has been busy over the last few days, it must have been his turn on the Rangers PR merry go round as according to him it’s all doom and gloom for Celtic and the sun is brighter than ever at Ibrox. Yes, the usual waffle.

McCann was talking on BBC Sportsound recently and someone at the Sun managed to stop laughing long enough to type it up. A quick look at his thoughts shows he’s a bit off the mark as usual. He brings all his football experience together to reckon Celtic’s “problems” are bad enough that Rangers could win the league.

Of course, he had to come up with something that could affect The Hoops. Celtic’s loss of Fraser Forster apparently adds to Rangers chances of victory as that leaves Scott Bain as No.1. That’ll be the Scott Bain who McCann managed to have a severe falling out with before Bain left Dundee for Hubs and then Celtic. Talking of Forster, McCann said:

“If they don’t replace him with a top-class keeper, I think it could just throw them off a little bit.”

Barkas flying into Glasgow to sign as a new keeper should help. Neil maybe didn’t see that coming. And then that’s where he stops talking about Celtic’s problems. The rest is about Rangers where he spins problems into sunbeams.

Playing behind closed doors at Ibrox saw him take a probably unthought through swipe at their supporters. Nice one Neil, they’ll love that:

“I think the fans can create a lot of pressure and, if the fans are not there, it could help Rangers.”

He looked at the squad depth and reckoned help for Defoe is needed now he is injured and getting on a bit:

“They need a striker. I think the older Jermain Defoe gets, the body eventually starts to succumb to age.

“It’s not so much the injuries, it takes longer to recover from those injuries, so they are going to need back-up to Morelos.”

Back up to Alfredo Morelos or for him? That maybe depends on how much you believe about the various alleged bids and deals, and Morelos’s desire to stay or go. And of course how desperate the board there are for funds to cover the deferred wages and other payments due imminently.

“I think Morelos will stay actually. I’d be surprised if he goes.”

“I thought he’d maybe have left last year but he went right off the boil and I don’t know whether that has scared a few off.

“I think he’ll stay for a duration but they need somebody up top.”

Looking desperate for strikers at Ibrox then in amongst all the Celtic problems! What have they got in reserve Neil to make a difference?

“They are going to need more goals from the wide areas. There’s obviously Ryan Kent.”

Is that the £7 million Ryan Kent with eight goals last season?

“I think Jordan Jones could find himself. I know he’s struggled trying to do something which he will regret.”

Ah very true Neil, he could find himself in court with regrets. Looks like he’s not going as wide as he used to and seems to be cutting inside too much.

It looks as though he’s identified more problems for the Rangers than Celtic. Let’s hope a few signings and more good news for the hoops doesn’t tax his mind too much.