Delusional ex-Rangers man believes they can sign superstar

Ex Rangers forward Derek Parlane is the latest to join the ‘break the bank’ and ‘bust the budget’ ranks as he tips a current Premier League winning star to join Steven Gerrard team.

It’s an amazing article in GiveMeSport based on a report in the Scottish Sun. Another ex player’s fairy tale for sure.

Would there really be any prospect whatsoever of Rangers signing James Milner? He has just completed a fabulous trophy winning year with Liverpool securing the Premier League and as holders of the World Club and the Champions League trophies too.

There is some admission to facts and acknowledgement to common sense when the GiveMeSport article talks of 2020 so far being a year Rangers can forget and recognising the challenge facing Gerrard and his team:

“Gerrard will largely be judged on Rangers’ ability to beat Celtic and in that regard, he has failed so far.”

Quite right. There is also a let’s learn from Liverpool’s success point in the article which is also sensible, but buying Milner? Really?

So what was Parlane saying when talking about Milner?

“At the age of 34, he is still one of the fittest players in the Premier League and he is exactly what Rangers need. He is an absolute machine and he has such a strong mentality.

“He is a proven winner and a few guys of his ilk in the squad would make an enormous difference next season.”

Ok, yes, if clubs can sign players who have won leagues and trophies that will strengthen their squad. And not just one player like that, let’s get a few! I wonder why he didn’t tip Mo Salah as a possible replacement for Morelos.

It is indeed the same daft ‘splash the cash’ policy which the Ibrox contingent follow follow staunchly. James Milner is quoted as being on a weekly wage of £140k per week. Maybe Parlane thinks Rangers could get close or that Milner would agree a deal based on his links with Gerrard. Perhaps they have a tax expert who can help strike a bargain deal.

Or maybe Milner would defer his wages. Rangers players will soon be ending their wages deferral period, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in practice when those and subsequent wages fall due to be paid. Johnny Hayes has apparently agreed to defer his first years wages at Aberdeen, but he was on nowhere even close to that level and of course deferral means it still has to be paid.

It’s all just another sign of the way ex players and pundits still see their club as almost being entitled to sign such players and ignore the financial consequences.

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