Andy Halliday reveals how Gerrard broke his Rangers promise

After leaving Rangers, Andy Halliday has revealed how Steven Gerrard broke a promise he made after arriving at the Ibrox club.

Celtic fans would have been sad to see Andy Halliday leave Ibrox. After all, who can forget him throwing a tantrum on the Rangers bench after being subbed off in the first-half itself after going down 2-0 against The Hoops. The Celtic support were not going to let it slide though as they sang his name.

Rangers decided to let Halliday go after his contract expired although his exit could have come a lot earlier. He was expected to leave the club when the arrival of Gerrard was announced but he managed to keep his place in the squad by going out of his way to impress his new manager.

As a result of his hard work in those first few days, he was apparently promised a place at Ibrox as long as Gerrard was there. Obviously, things did not go accordingly and Halliday is no longer a Rangers player. Although judging by the club’s recent form, Gerrard might not be there for much longer either.

As reported by the Daily Record, Halliday said:

“He just said ‘Well listen, you’re coming to Marbella with me, just keep up what you’ve done in the first four days because I’ve liked what I’ve seen’.

“So it was just a case of going over to Marbella and continuing that, trained well, played well in the bounce games and he pulled me again when we came back from Marbella and said ‘as long as I’m at this football club you’ll be part of it’, obviously in the early phases but it was brilliant to hear that.”

Of course, Halliday had fallen down the pecking order over Gerrard’s reign at the club and made just 12 appearances last season. It was the sensible thing for them to let him leave.

But one can only wonder if Gerrard actually wanted to keep the Scot but was overruled by the club. At the end of the day, trophies speak of a manager’s success and he has nothing to show for his time at Ibrox. Thus, it should not be a huge surprise if his power at the club is decreasing with every passing day.

It is clear that Gerrard sees this as a stepping stone to eventually becoming the Liverpool manager but judging by the results, he won’t be replacing the incredible Jurgen Klopp anytime soon. The sack might not be as far away in his future though if the Rangers stumble out of the gates next season in their bid to stop Celtic from winning 10IAR.

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