Scott Brown’s massive statement ahead of Celtic 10IAR season

The Celtic skipper is as keen and excited about playing as ever. After a prolonged absence from working as a group, he can’t wait to get back into action.

After a prolonged absence from football due to the novel coronavirus the Celtic skipper cannot wait to get back into action. Much like the rest of us, Scott Brown has been missing the comradierie that goes along with football and training with your squad.

However, Brown is excited in the direction the Hoops are going with talks of extensions and retaining key players for the 10-in-a-row campaign.

Brown reckons Celtic’s approach to securing new contracts for key players like Odsonne Edouard and Ryan Christie is very much the right approach. He is quoted in the Sun as saying:

“All of the lads want to stay here and that shows the mentality of this squad – everyone wants to be here, playing for Celtic in front of 60,000 fans again.”

Broony will know his men well and that’s great to hear, particularly where Edouard is concerned, but certainly for other key players too. 10-in-a-row will be a great challenge and an enormous season to play in. One that everyone is looking forward to.

And Broony reckons he and the rest of the squad are desperate to be playing again, and soon. It’s been a long break and unusual circumstances, the players at clubs like Celtic don’t usually get anywhere near 12 weeks rest between seasons.

The gap between the last games of successful clubs and the start of European qualifying is usually very small. Hopefully the rest is a great chance to restore the players after hectic schedules for several seasons and get back to fitness quickly. We’ve seen some like Hatem Abd Elhamed hoping the extended period gives time to shake off some injuries and get back to their best form.

It’s no surprise though that a skipper like Broony will have been missing the regular group training sessions and the chance to mix with his teammates.

“To have 12-13 weeks off without being able to see the lads and have that banter and then eventually come back and only be able to train individually is very different from what we’ve all been used to but we’ll deal with it and make the most of it.”

Typically that leaves Broony feeling like he is ready to sprint into the pitch and get the rest of the guys into that huddle to fire them up.

“Now we just want to start kicking a ball again and get the rage back.”

Don’t we all!

Especially for this coming 10IAR season.

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