Rangers fans left red-faced after recent revelation

Rangers fans have been left red-faced by the findings of a study after hilariously claiming for months how the SPFL is biased towards Celtic.

Having taken a 13-point lead at the top of the Premiership, the league title that was awarded to Celtic was completely valid and justified. There is no asterisk attached to it. Let’s just get that out of the way in the very beginning.

Now for months Rangers fans have been coming up with one conspiracy theory after another in order to show that the SPFL is a ‘corrupt’ and ‘biased’ governing body whose only aim this season was to award Celtic with a ninth straight league title. The fact that it was them who had been in ‘relegation’ form following the winter break and let the Hoops run away at the top of the table was lost on them.

Everybody who has even a passing interest in the Scottish league would have known that there were no base for these outrageous claims and a recent study has proven exactly that.

As reported by The Herald, a study by the CIES Football Observatory report found that a penalty is awarded every 302 minutes in the Premiership, with Rangers having the best odds of getting one. They get awarded a penalty every 411 minutes. Celtic are not even in the top 5 of this list, receiving a spot-kick every 681 minutes.

Without questioning the legitimacy of any of these penalties, we are pretty sure that if the SPFL was intent on handing Celtic the title, awarded them spot-kicks in tough games would have been the easiest way to do so. But it looks like things are the other way around.

Their claims are laughable considering everything that has gone against them throughout the course of the season. In fact, the Rangers fans only had praise for the governing body until it became clear that there was no way to conclude the current season without handing Celtic the title.