Messi linked to Rangers (Desperate Ibrox PR warning)

Yes, in a desperate attempt for promotion of the Rangers we saw an article linking the great Lionel Messi with the Rangers.

It’s like a Rangers friendly media game of degrees of Kevin Bacon. 

So what’s the story linking Messi to Rangers that was in Glasgow Live this week? Are you sitting comfortably? So, this is how the incident goes:

Lionel Messi has his picture taken and published wearing a Bee Inspired top. In December 2018.

Bee Inspired is a Scottish sportswear brand.

The owner admits he saw the Castore deal with Rangers and wishes he’d thought of football kit sponsorship.

But he didn’t.

That was enough for the Glasgow Times team to thrash out a headline and sentence with Rangers and Lionel Messi in it and get the Ibrox contingent all excited.

“Rangers’ Castore deal provokes Bee Inspired aspirations to sponsor football kits after Messi endorsement”

Now we’ve done the same but very openly and only to illustrate how desperate people are for good news stories about the Rangers.

As ex-footballers and ex-St. Mirren teammates, it’s a bit odd that the two behind Bee Inspired, Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb haven’t yet followed up on the football kit route. Though to be fair the business seems to be going very well despite that and the Messi endorsement of their clothing will help enormously.

Perhaps a little unfairly they quoted Mark Corcoran in some deep strategic moment of thought on football kits and sponsorship.

“I don’t know much about how a deal like that would work but I’d imagine it’d be about making money off shirt sales and things like that,”

Sounds like the Rangers board!

Bee Inspired have brought in a Financial Director now, so this may be a prompt for their future plans and strategy.

In the meantime, for the Ibrox fans, stand by for news of Luis Suarez and Phillipe Coutinho!!

Yes, they’ve been pictured in Bee Inspired clothing too so we’ll await the PR machine desperation to follow follow.

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