Celtic star makes Neil Lennon admission after Parkhead exit

One Celtic star has given a bit of insight into his departure after his discussions with both manager Neil Lennon and John Kennedy.

Just last week on of the Celtic fan favourites left an emotional post on social media that all but cemented his departure. For many Hoops supporters the writing was on the wall, and seemed inevitable. For others it was but a harsh reality of how talented this club has become and what that means.

The star player in question was Jonny Hayes, one of the most beloved on all of the club. The player seemed to be able to play nearly every position, and embodied what it meant to wear the Green and White. Therefore it seems a bit curious as to why the player was not asked to come back for the coveted 10-in-a-row.

Clearly the fan favourite was going to be welcomed back at Parkhead, right? Well, according to Jonny Hayes after his departure, that may not have been the absolute truth. Which comes as a bit of a surprise after his role and commitment to the club.

Jonny Hayes spoke with SunSport following his departure and gave a little bit of insight into his departure from Parkhead:

“I’d spoken to Neil Lennon a couple of days before the Rangers game back in December.

“He was aware I was out of contract in six months – and he wanted me to stay.

“As the season we went on we had similar conversations and he was quite keen for me to stay.   He saw me as part of his plans.

“I had the same conversation with John Kennedy.

“So, when it comes down to the decision being made this week, I don’t know whether the financial impact the coronavirus has had on Scottish football has contributed to it or not.

“But I know that I wasn’t leaving the club, sort of being phased out, and was still playing regularly from the bench coming on or in the team until this virus struck.”

So it seemed that Hayes was well within his right to think he was returning to Celtic for the 10-in-a-row season even if he was just a role or bench player. But he was suddenly released and not re-signed despite what seemed to be loose assurances from the head shed.

In any case, we wish Jonny the best, and we hope to seem him flourish on whatever club he winds up on.